About Me

As a student I had the opportunity to travel where I could meet several people from different cultures and societies who have contributed a lot to my personal formation. As a professional, I keep an active search for information and training relevant to my activity, as well as taking several cultural trips.

The trips contributed to an ease of communication in foreign languages, as well as the adaptation to different lifestyles or ways of being, considering myself a versatile and easily adaptable person. The various activities I have already performed allow me to have a global perception of the functioning of the different economic and social systems, human resources and teamwork.


User Experience Design (UX)

User experience analysis through various methodologies (task analysis, card sorting, user testing, etc).

User Interface Design (UI)

User-centered interface design (Sketch, wireframe, html design and prototypes).

Front-End Development

Front-end development for web or software in html5 + CSS3.


Website development in static html, landing pages or, with content management system in wordpress.


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